Ethiopian crosses

Characteristic of Ethiopia is the ubiquity of the cross symbol. Not without reason is the Feast of the Cross (“Meskel”), which commemorates the Christianization of Ethiopia, one of the highest in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and one of the most Read more ›

In Ethiopia, the VW Beetle lives on

Almost 40 years ago, the last VW Beetle in Germany left the production line. The traditional beetle drives in this country hardly one, in an African country, the car but enjoys great popularity.The VW Beetle celebrates its comeback in Ethiopia. Read more ›

Where coffee and honey flow

As a senior trainer in the management team of the Andreas Hermes Academy (AHA) of the training organization of German agriculture, Uli Ernst has been traveling to East Africa about three times a year for five years. In Ethiopia and Read more ›

Mozart and Orff for the Kaiserhaus

Asfa-Wossen Asserate is great-grandson of an empress and grandnephew of the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie. Once a Tölz music teacher familiarized him with Mozart’s music. The Frankfurt Prince never forgot that. A special Easter story. Bad Tölz – A year Read more ›