Ethiopian crosses

Characteristic of Ethiopia is the ubiquity of the cross symbol. Not without reason is the Feast of the Cross (“Meskel”), which commemorates the Christianization of Ethiopia, one of the highest in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and one of the most Read more ›

The cradle of humanity

A visit to Africa somehow gets the dimensions of our lives right. Of course, this also applies to Ethiopia – all the more so because the scientists assume that our ancestors became human beings in this country. “Lucy,” they baptized Read more ›

My favorite – Didos

Dakito Atestata is the clan chief and spiritual leader of the Shekacho in Ethiopia. He tries to preserve the didos, sacred places in the forest. They are threatened by deforestation.Dakito Atestata is the clan chief and spiritual leader of the Read more ›

Lake Tana in danger

For thousands of European migratory birds he is the winter quarter: the Tana Lake in Ethiopia. Hippos, crocodiles, and lizards live on its shores – in its depths, fish species that are found nowhere else in the world. And: The Read more ›

Hiking on the roof of Africa

In the Simien Mountains National Park in the north of Ethiopia, there are more than a dozen four-thousanders crowd. If you hike here, you will experience deep gorges, rugged cliffs and green plateaus. A World Heritage Site with spectacular views. Read more ›