A lava pot in Ethiopia

On Earth, molten lava lakes that are both permanent and accessible can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This is the case of Erta Ale in Ethiopia. On our planet, few places allow to contemplate the liquid heart Read more ›

Mozart and Orff for the Kaiserhaus

Asfa-Wossen Asserate is great-grandson of an empress and grandnephew of the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie. Once a Tölz music teacher familiarized him with Mozart’s music. The Frankfurt Prince never forgot that. A special Easter story. Bad Tölz – A year Read more ›

Not afraid of hyenas

Hyenas are dangerous predators that scare people. In the holy city of Harar in Ethiopia live hyenas and humans close to each other in peace.Abbas Yusuf feeds a hyena behind the walls of the city of Harar. The 23-year-old is Read more ›