Controversy between Manalmosh Dibo and Jossy Gebre – Part 2

JTV Ethiopia was an Ethiopian satellite television channel owned by Yosef Gebre, a journalist, singer, and philanthropist who previously began his TV show in EBS TV before establishing his own channel. It was based in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S, and launched in 2016 on Nilesat. In May 2020, the channel was officially closed as a result of poor revenue from each employee, and the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the station for less advertising income.

The channel was started and named after the singer and talk show host Yosef Gebre (known as Jossy) who previously hosted his talk show Jossy in Z House on EBS TV. After an alleged dispute with EBS TV in 2014,[citation needed] Yosef took his talk show off the channel and started his own channel which later became JTV Ethiopia. The channel has correspondents and studios in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.The channel obtained a license to broadcast in Ethiopia in 2018

On May 4, 2020, JTV Ethiopia has officially shut down for cases of low advertising revenue, and degradation salary payments for each employee caused by the widespread COVID-19 impact in Ethiopia. The General Manager of the station has said the station could only pay half of the employees wages, and the distribution had been abolished for 5 days. Complains and FAQs are raised by its staff members of the shutdown. One of the staff members suggested:

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