“3-Stone” the name of the traditional cooking place

Traditionally, families in Ethiopia use only three stones on which a clay plate is placed. That takes a lot of wood and brushwood. Women and girls travel many hours every day to collect fuel. Often cow dung is collected and dried. This is missing then as fertilizer in the fields.

“3-Stone”, that is the name of the traditional cooking place, where a clay plate is simply placed on three stones:

A wood-saving stove, on the other hand, is simple and efficient: The closed shape means that only half as much fuel is needed. The deduction creates less harmful smoke and the expensive clay slabs now last much longer. A win all along the line.

Hobse Chela already has a wood-saving, closed oven. How fast and easy the stove is built, you can see here. If you are half as enthusiastic as Hobse, you will want to buy one right away – of course for a family in Ethiopia.

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